where windows are open, pigeons can nest

Process-based collective work with Ida Leijting, Lena Longefay, Tianyi Zheng and Bart&Klaar
Size virable

 Methodologies of open windows, pigeons, newsletters and recipes.
For the last couple of months, we have been travelling to each other’s homes; from Arnhem to Amsterdam, Groningen to Utrecht and Tilburg to (almost) The Hague.
Like birds, we have been gathering materials and ideas for the nests that we are building. We have become ninja’s, clowns and caretakers, and shared dinners and picnics in the sun. We have been writing newsletters and walked amongst the feral pigeons; together (re)building our universes, our knowledge huts.
Pigeons are considered both pests and pets, they are praised for their homing abilities but despised for their invasiveness.
Acting as a continuous nesting process (or almost a residency), the exhibition will open halfway through, as an on-site sharing of our methodologies, but also as a celebration of our conceptual common ground. Until the very end we will be challenging and (re)building each other ‘s works, in order to rethink what art making really means.

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